Date : 23/05/18

When talking about fertility and age, it directly points out women. But, recent studies found that the age of a man also affects the chances of a healthy pregnancy. Generally, there was a misconception about men and fertility and they could produce offspring at any age. That’s just not true now. Men’s fertility also declines with age. Advanced male age negatively impacts fertility in various ways both directly and indirectly including increased risk of miscarriages, birth defects, and decreased sperm quality. The effects of aging on fertility is described below.

For an older man, it takes him a long time to conceive a child. It might be due to the chronic illness conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes affects the fertility and also decrease the sperm quality.

In addition to that, a man’s age impacts the rate of successful and healthy pregnancies and also the fertilization rate. In other words, an older man can be able to give a child but the rate of birth defects and miscarriages would be higher. This is because most of the sperms can have DNA abnormalities that could lead to risky pregnancies.
There are several indirect factors that would drop down an aged man’s fertility. When the age goes up, fertility complications might be experienced due to problems with libido, erectile dysfunction. Increased weight also plays a vital role in reducing fertility rate not only in women but also in men.

Based on a recent data, the men between 25-29 years have higher fertility rate, however health issues are concerned.

An infertility treatment study disclosed that every year men lose around 11% chances of fertilization. One thing is closely monitored that sperm quality keeps on decreasing with age. It means the sperm parameters like morphology, motility gets worse over time. Unless a man is affected by certain disease or damage, he cannot stop producing sperm even though sperm count may be lower as he ages. Advanced paternal age is strongly associated with increased risks of birth and other defects.

Birth defects attributed to an older father include:

Autism: There are many research studies established that men over 50 years have the chances to conceive an autistic child.
Bipolar disorder: Men above 55 years could give birth to a bipolar disorder baby.
Down Syndrome: A study evaluated that over 3400 cases of Down syndrome were found in the conception of men over 35 years old.
Schizophrenia: A similar analysis showed that men above 30 years likely to conceive a schizophrenic child along with the greatest risk associated with men over 50 years.


When we talk about male aging and fertility, we do have some lifestyle changes to decline the male aging infertility. Men who want a baby after 40s should maintain an optimal weight, stop out recreational drugs, stop smoking and stop taking alcohol. Some researches reported that men with high cholesterol have been facing erectile dysfunction.

Finally, what is concluded that an advanced male age could raise negative impacts on fertility such as decreased sperm quality, longer time to conception, higher risks of birth defects and miscarriages, increased abnormalities in DNA.

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