Motherhood is a very significant phase in a woman’s life. It is considered by many to be a definition of womanhood. To be responsible for another life even from its most basic cellular form is scary as well as gratifying at the same time. According to recent studies, a lot of factors associated with the global change in the way of life in recent years, are robbing off this ability of women. To be more precise, the incidence of infertility in women has witnessed an overwhelming increase.

Female fertility starts developing from the period a girl attains her puberty. The fertile age grows proportionally with every passing year till the age of around 25 years. After this period, fertility in women shows a slowdown. The age of 35 years and beyond witness a rapidly decreasing fertility. This being said, the ability of having a successful pregnancy varies from one person to other as it is solely based on the health of the woman.

Other lifestyle factors prove to be risky for the well-being of one’s fertility. Some of the most common them are alcoholism, drug abuse and smoking. Passive smoking (inhaling cigarette smoke) is said to have the same effect as that of regular smoking. Women with a history of reductive disorders are at a higher risk of infertility. Disorders that inhibit the process of ovulation and leads to irregularities of periods affects fertility. Obesity is another cause that leads to unsuccessful conception and pregnancy.

To ensure that your fertility is intact, a healthy body is a prerequisite. A normal BMI measure and a healthy diet along with regular exercise ensures that the body stays fit. It’s advisable to learn to manage stress as it is unavoidable in today’s world. meditation and yoga can help keep a calm mind. Seeking medical advice to regulate menstrual cycle is also important.

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