Fibroids are non cancerous cell growth present in the uterus. Generally, presence of fibroids does not exhibit any symptoms. In situation when the tumors grow big, they might cause pain in the abdominal area and lower back followed by heavy bleeding during the menstrual cycle, constipation, and frequent urination. In some cases they can also lead to infertility. The exact causes for fibroid formation is unknown, however high estrogen levels are accounted to the formation of fibroids.

There are numerous types of fibroid that are classified depending on the place of location and the size of the growth. When the fibroids grow in size, they extend and occupy the womb leading to infertility.

Treatment for Fibroids

At ARC Hospital, we provide various treatment options for removing fibroids and to regain fertility. The treatment plans are tailored depending on the location, size and condition of the patient. Our infertility specialists undertake complex diagnosis procedure to understand the exact location and size of the fibroids and plan customized plan to remove the fibroids from the uterine cavity. Before the surgical removal of fibroids, medication are administered to regulate the hormone levels and to shrink fibroids.

For large and multiple fibroids, myomectomy Surgery is performed by a team of highly skilled and experienced surgeon to remove the fibroids. At ARC hospital we rely on minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery that involves making few small incisions in the lower abdominal area to inserts a laparoscope and other surgical tools. A laparoscope is a long tubular structure that has a camera attached and connected to its end to view enlarged images of the internal cavity in a monitor. This enables the surgeon to remove the fibroids without damaging the surrounding tissues and organs. Later, the incision are closed and stitched. The minimally invasive surgical methods have numerous benefits when compared to an open surgery with few small incisions, faster healing and recovery period with minimal scar formation.

Other non invasive procedures are opted for smaller and less number of fibroids and these include:

  • Forced ultrasound surgery (FUS) that uses high-energy frequency sound waves to destroy the fibroids.
  • Other choice of treatment methods include myolysis that uses laser beams to shrink the fibroids
  • Cryomyolysis is another treatment technique to freezes the fibroids and prevent the growth of the tumors.
  • Endometrial ablation technique uses the energy from microwaves to destroy the fibroids present in the uterine lining.

At ARC hospital we provide both invasive and non invasive treatment techniques to remove any mild or severe condition of fibroid development in the uterus. Our treatment plan aims to eradicate all causes and symptoms that lead to infertility and to create a plenteous atmosphere in the body and mind for a successful conception. All these are achieved by providing world class treatment amenities and facilities from experienced infertility specialists tailoring customized treatment plan for conception. To know more about fibroid treatment options and treatment cost and to have a successful conception and new life, book an appointment now.