Obesity has always been a disaster to its victims bringing about a ton of physiological & psychological issues to them. One of the most common, yet underestimated concern in this regard is the effect obesity has on fertility rate. In capsule form, the discussion points could be mentioned as the following:

  • Obesity affects hormones.

  • Obesity leads to insulin resistance.

  • Obesity affects natural & assisted pregnancies.

  • Obesity decreases the fertility rate of your partner too.

In detail, the connection between obesity and infertility can be discussed as follows.

Understanding the connection

Obesity affects both the male and female population equally. Statistics report that increased BMI values cause rise in risk of anovulation of women. The major ill effects as a result of this include reduction in ovulation rate, decline in oocyte quality, menstrual irregularities, lower pregnancy rates and rise in miscarriages. Young women are highly exposed to the damaging effects of obesity, major one being early menstruation. This enhances the defects associated with fertility.

In males, obesity will have a negative impact on sperm parameters like motility, molecular composition, sperm functioning, etc. Other side effects include rise in scrotal temperature & erectile dysfunction. All these factors combine to cause fertility rate in males to be reduced.

Prevention & treatment

The prevention & treatment measures required to solve obesity should be given the highest priority here instead of curing infertility. Modifying lifestyle choices & promoting weight-loss programs are the best way to go about this. Other ways of reducing BMI involve administrating optimum diet medical & surgical measures etc. Several studies and surveys have pointed out weight loss to be the primary treatment for obesity & fertility problems thus increasing conception rates for females and regular menstrual cycle.

Impact of obesity on male fertility can be improved using again weight loss procedures and testosterone therapy. Testosterone therapy helps to treat erectile dysfunction & hormone imbalances. The major ways to achieve weight loss include assistance of trained healthcare professionals and weight loss groups. Weight loss surgeries are also an option.