Recent studies on male infertility has instigated alarming results. About 7 in every 100 men are said to be facing some kind of infertility issue. While this shows the increase in male contribution to infertility, it also throws light on the fact that infertility issues are growing to proportion of a major lifestyle disorder. Unlike other disorders, the stigma and embarrassment related to it leads to lack of or delayed medical attention.

Male fertility assumes a complex stature usually because of the lack of visible signs and symptoms. Where female fertility can be determined by irregularity in periods, ovulation and growth of unwanted hair, male infertility is virtually silent. In better words, the symptoms are mostly invisible to naked eye. Aside from the obvious sign of not being able to induce a successful pregnancy and certain disorders, male infertility needs medical intervention in diagnosis.

Male fertility like that of female is dependent on age. Earlier it was considered that the reproductive health of a man at 20 years and 70 years were the same. Researches have proved otherwise. After the age of 40 years, fertility in men faces a decline. Children born to men above 45 years are said to genetic disorders and other disabilities. Life style choices such as smoking, alcoholism and drug abuse are known to affect fertility in male.

Obesity and stress play important role in male infertility as well. Exposure to some metals, chemicals and excessive heat are known to inhibit fertility. The main reasons for infertility are a decrease in sperm count, reduced motility of sperm, change in sperm morphology, hormonal imbalance that effect the production of sperm, decrease in semen quantity and obstruction in sperm movement. A medical history of testicular disorders or surgeries and other diseases prove to be a concern as well

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