A baby is a divine gift. The joy of holding that precious bundle is incomparable to any happiness that you have experienced. Conception and fertility are often a concern for many couples with the fast moving lifestyle and busy schedules. When you finally take a decision to settle down, take an overall evaluation of your health to have a hassle free pregnancy.

Optimizing fertility can be referred to as taking certain measures to create a perfect pregnancy. The first step to be done, once the decision of having a baby, is to evaluate the health of the couple. Any irregularities in periods or diseases should be taken into account and treated for. Another issue to be addressed is the weight gain. Under weight and overweight people fail to conceive easily. Even if conceived, the chances of miscarriage are high. A normal BMI is prerequisite of a healthy pregnancy.

Eating healthy, supplementing nutritional needs and regular exercise equates the ideal lifestyle needed for a happy pregnancy. Smoking and alcoholism in men and women effects pregnancy adversely. Drugs and effects of smoking creates health issues in the new born. They are known to induce infertility in both gender as well. Relaxation techniques for stress management are also necessary to keep a hormonal balance to facilitate a healthy pregnancy.

Age is a major factor of fertility. Women above the age of 35 years and men above the age of 45 years find it difficult to conceive than the younger couples. It is also said that, the first 3 months of trying to conceive has the highest probability to succeed. After that the probability of natural conception decreases slightly. Studies show that long periods of abstinence, reduces the quality of sperm. So in order to conceive, it is advisable to have intercourse every one or two days during the fertile period.

The fertile period, also referred to as fertility window is considered to be around 6 days before ovulation. Ovulation in a normal woman is said to occur 14 days before the onset of periods. Ovulation is evident from some physical changes in woman like increased amount of cervical mucus, slight rise in body temperature etc. Frequent intercourse during this period can lead to pregnancy. The use of certain lubricants is said to reduce the motility of sperm. This can hamper conception.

When frequent attempts to get pregnant fails, it is advisable to consult a doctor. Problems like irregular periods, prior surgeries to pelvic area and low levels of lutinizing hormones in women warrant medical attention. Men are advised to meet with a doctor if they face problems with ejaculation, hypospadias, previous problems of testicles or genitals etc. Most cases of infertility can be cured by medical treatment.