selvi kaliya

after 7 years of married life came to ARC hospital with lots of hope. staffs seem to be very dedicated. they are all caring..today we are going to do all the tests and see how much sucess for the treament here. assurance being given by doctors . want to see, thank you son much all


Good and best hospital we had never seen we saw god in this hospital really thanks a lot and lot MD MADAM because of you and your hospital services we are coming here we have confident that this hospital will do best for me really we cant imagine real god we saw here thanks to all lot and lot

jagan raghu

good hospital... helpful staffs.. today we did first scan and heard our baby hearbeat..felt very happy..thank you everyone ..thank you MD mam, MD sir, Gayathiri mam and all sisters. we are happy and now we are proud to be parents. we feel so blessed ..thank you ARC.

praisy job

We got positive result in ARC hospital. well done procedure and doctors and staffs gave full support here and response also good to follow. now i am 3 month pregnant and continue for till delivery because all are carrying well and kind also. thank u ARC given positive result.


Really great and wonderful nice treatment very nice helping mind to all really chance less very good services good caring we are in treatment nice follow ups very excellent this is not hospital this our house its looks after entry in this hospital really great and best hospital thanks to each and everyone

manjula anandha

We both plan for IVF treatment and consult ARC hospital .we got positive result from this hospital. good service nice procedure all doctors and staffs are good to follow . thank u everyone this hospital given a good result .my and wife are so happy we are going to get child. thank u so much.


We have a best and super treatment in this hospital really good and happy to continue treatment in this hospital super support and excellent caring very nice helping mam we wait so long to see mam today we got chance and sawed mam really great and wonderful no 1 best hospital thanks to all