Parenthood is the most divine, fulfilling and holiest position to be adorned. We at ARC International Fertility and Research Centre assists you realise that dream. Since a decade or so, the world has experienced an all-round transformation in all things ranging from climate to lifestyle. A change in food habits, exposure to heat and pollution has brought about changes in physicality. It has made us prone to a lot of diseases, one of them being infertility. There is a noted increase in the incidence of infertility since 1990s.

With India not much behind China, to top the charts for highest infertility rates, concerns are high regarding this disorder. About 12 in every 100 couple are said to face this disorder, though at different levels of intensity. Considering the stigma, associated with infertility and all things sexual, in our society, there is a general embarrassment in seeking treatment. An early treatment coupled with expert can help deal with infertility.

Under the expertise of our consultants, Dr. Saravanan Lakshmanan (leading sexologist and andrologist) and Dr. Mahalakshmi Saravanan (Reproductive Specialist), we offer advanced treatment ensuring maximum success rate at a nominal rate. With a life dedicated to health care and an experience of above 15 years in medicine and medical administration, they have taken up the challenge of delivering the best medical help possible to assist couples facing infertility.

A cutting edge infrastructure with a state of the art laboratory for IVF, is on par with the best in the world. Advanced treatments for Sexual Dysfunction, Assisted Reproductive Treatment (ART), Stem Cell Banking and Gynaecological surgeries are done with utmost precision and reasonable price.

We offer a calm and quiet atmosphere that helps healing. Accommodation that are fully furnished with sufficient storage and all basic amenities are available here. In-room dining facility along with telephone and internet facility is available as well. A vast local and international clientele is an evidence of its quality and standard.